a substance capable of holding materials together by surface contact (permanent or removable).


separated by a single cut to the material. There is no space between the labels. Butt cut labels are the width of the liner, with square corners.


a tool or device used for cutting a desired shape.


a cutting die (in any shape) is used to cut the exterior boundary of the label. The die may include holes, punch outs, perforations and slits as well as the exterior boundary. A die cut label may be waste-stripped ( the excess material is taken away so only the label sits on the liner) which makes the removal of the label easier.


any paper, film, or fabric suitable for making into a pressure sensitive label stock.


the application of a clear film to label material for the purpose of protection or to enhance visual quality.


the component of the pressure sensitive construction that functions as a carrier for the pressure sensitive facestock.


one mil is one one-thousandth of an inch (0.001").


a series of small incisions made in a material to facilitate tearing or folding along a predetermined line.


round holes punched into the edge of a liner to maintain the register of computer imprintable pressure sensitive labels during imprinting. The holes line up to the industry standard for dot matrix printers, which use 1/2 inch center to center dimensions.


a process whereby rolls of pressure sensitive facestock are converted into sheets of finished labels by cutting them to the desired length in the sheeting stations.


a substance coated onto a label material that will enhance the printing or the appearance of the finished label (varnish, thermal, etc.).


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